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Custom-built Exhausts

Order pipes today and get a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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Keeping all clear

Free delivery!

Overseas shipment custom parts

Hello Europe!


Delivery of Your Custom build exhaust was introduced as FREE and over the years we keep this tradition so it is still covered, yep, that's on us.

Take that as a little gift grom the oldest mountains in Europe and simply don’t worry to pay extra for courier, well, unless you want to tip him.

Offer valid for all geographicaly European destinations with order of any custom exhaust set

5 Easy Steps

Don't say one day just do it

How it works?

  1. Send me message what you're looking for:
    • WHICH EXTAUST - model Number / Name or picture (eg. N°1)
    • for WHICH BIKE - year, model (eg. 2009 H-D Sportster)
    • ANY QUESTIONS you have
  2. You'll get ANSWERS plus few QUESTIONS (eg. if you need Lambda probe socket, if yes - 12mm or 18mm or if your bike has been modified I might ask for few more details, pictures or measurements).
  3. Once we are on the same page you will receive estimated (depending of current queue of orders, usually 6-8 weeks) DATE of product ready for shipment and details for PAYPAL transfer
  4. Place the order by Paypal payment AND send me fully detailed delivery address with phone number.
  5. Get your new toys delivered, install, pop on social media (or just to me) a picture of your ready machine and most important - ENJOY!


Send us a message

Have a question about SpyraMoto pipes? Need an advice? Seen some exhaust and want similar? – simply send me an e-mail with few pics or sketch and I’ll reply to you shortly.
Want to pay in your local currency? or fancy to use some alternative way of payment?
Perhaps need a receipt for your Miss that states you paid for growling stuff only 29$ - drop me a line in form below or e-mail or WhatsApp!
Thinking about some extra detail, need or solution - you're in right place!

Small print

If you have valid warranty please doublecheck if instalation of any equipment doesn't breach your rights. After exhaust installation please contact your mechanic to check your engine / carb settings.